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-   ABOUT US  -

Hello!  We're Millie and Natalie.  In an (organic) nutshell:  We wanted to get healthy, so we joined a gym (shout out to Evo!)  We met and became friends.  We each had a (brilliant) idea and we combined them and made them into a business.  Glow Foods was born, and we've been working on some amazing healthy recipes for our breakfast jars, salad jars and dressings, and energy balls.  Our full product range launches in January 2020.

Whether you're at home or work (or both), juggling priorities can be difficult.  When you don't have a lot of time, it's too easy to reach for processed convenience food, often containing too much of the stuff that isn't that good for you.   We're here to help you change that and make healthy food choices throughout your day with our tasty breakfast jars, salad jars, protein balls and a nifty range of dressings, freshly made to order and delivered to your door. 





No refined sugars

No preservatives or nasty chemicals

No plastic. Biodegradable packaging. Recyclable.


Convenient, healthy, tasty. #glowonthego