Our Story

We’re Millie & Natalie and we’re the Glow Foodies.

We were just two busy women who wanted to improve our lifestyle and make better choices for our bodies and the planet. We met and became friends as part of our journeys and Glow Foods was born! We've been obsessed ever since, using all our spare time to work on delicious and healthy recipes to share with you!

Whether you're at home or work (or both), juggling priorities can be difficult - school runs, commuting, not taking lunch breaks - just dealing with the craziness that can be day to day life. We know from experience that when you don't have a lot of time, it's so easy to reach for processed convenience food, often containing refined sugar, chemicals and wrapped in single use plastic. We are here to make the convenient choice the best choice.

We love what we do and all our products are freshly handmade to order and delivered to your door. We also offer a convenient weekly subscription, and everything can be purchased through our online shop individually – choose whatever works best for you.

* Plant-based * Dairy-free * Wholefoods * No refined sugars * No preservatives or nasty chemicals * No plastic. * Only biodegradable or recyclable packaging *