Well, what a week it's been at Glow Foods!  We launched our website on the 31st January, sharing our delicious breakfast jars, salad jars and energy balls with you all - and what a fantastic reception we received!  Thank you all so much for your brilliant feedback, good wishes and your orders!

The last week has been super busy as we've been focusing on building our social media presence as well as making some rather special limited edition energy balls for the Grand Relaunch of local zero waste shop, 'Okomoko - the Eco Hub' in Farnham... oh and we only just went and won our first social media award!

First things first - oh my word - these limited edition energy balls are something special indeed (I am eating a Cacao & Gold one, and drinking a lovely oat milk coffee as I write).  Flavour wise, we've made Pistachio & Rose, Maple Pecan, Cacao & Gold (with vegan gold leaf detail), Strawberry, Salted Caramel Almond, and Cacao Cherry.  What's your favourite?  Comment on our Facebook page (@theglowfoodies) and let us know - we might put one or two of these limited edition flavours into our main range, so we'd love to hear your thoughts.

On social media, we've been working on building our social media presence.   So slowly but surely, the word has been getting around, and we've gone from 3 followers on Twitter to 111 in 3 days, and more than doubled our likes on Facebook in the past week. They're not huge numbers, but it's a start - and everyone has to start somewhere!  If you're not already following us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, please follow us now - @theglowfoodies.

Last but but by no means least, we won our first social media award!  We were lucky enough to be chosen to win a #WOW award from Jacqueline Gold!  We're absolutely delighted to have won this (just 3 days into our Twitter escapades!) and for all the support that fellow businesses, customers and friends have given to us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!  

All in all, we're reflecting on what a great week it’s been for us here at Glow Foods and how lucky we are to have such amazing customers and followers! ⁣Thank you all - and we're ready to get cracking on next week!  After another coffee and Cacao & Gold energy ball that is.... ⁣⁣

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