Combo Jar Box - Breakfast Jars, Salad Jars & energy balls (subscription)

Our delicious Combo Jar Box is the perfect option if you're looking for a weekly delivery of our fabulous breakfast jars, salad jars and energy balls.  That's breakfast, lunch and snacks sorted throughout your day!  You can sit back and relax knowing that you're choosing healthy, plant-based, dairy-free products with no refined sugars - all delivered conveniently to your door each week!

The Glow Combo Jar Boxes contain five breakfast jars, five salad jars and a pack of 12 energy balls - and each box is freshly made to order and delivered to you each week for just £44.95 per box plus delivery.  If you decide you want a change your jars one week from your initial subscription choices, email us by 4pm Wednesday, to let us know how you want to change it for your next subscription box (if we don't receive your email by 4pm Wednesday, we will ship the original subscription combination).  We will send you the 'Flavour of the Week' for the energy balls, so you can try out different flavours as your subscription continues!  Our breakfast and salad jars will stay fresh in the fridge for up to 5 days, and the energy balls in an airtight container for up to 30 days, and you can also freeze the breakfast jars and energy balls (defrost thoroughly before eating).

When you choose to receive your Combo Box on a subscription basis, you automatically become a member of the exclusive Glow Foodies club!  This means that you'll be the first to hear about our special recipes, promotions, and exclusive membership discounts, as well as being able to Build Your Own Breakfast jar (exclusive to Glow Foodies).

  • 100% plant-based, dairy free, gluten free, made with wholefoods and with no refined sugars.
  • Packaged in recyclable and biodegradable packaging (even our labels are printed with vegan friendly ink!)
  • Short shelf-life (each pot is freshly made with no preservatives or additives) but also suitable for home-freezing.
  • Suitable for vegetarians / vegans depending on product (some products contain figs which may not be suitable for ethical vegans).

Store in a refrigerator.  See pack for best before date.  The breakfast jars can also be frozen - defrost thoroughly before eating and consume within 24 hours.  See individual products for ingredients and product descriptions.

Please note that we operate from an artisan style kitchen and certain allergens are present at all times and in constant use, which may include mustard, peanuts, tree nuts (including almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, pecans, pistachios), sesame seeds, wheat and soybeans. We do of course follow recommended guidelines regarding cross-contamination, but if you have an allergy you need to be aware that air-borne contamination is a possibility and our products may therefore not be suitable for you to eat as they may contain an allergen. We do not use any dairy, meat or fish in our products or in our kitchen. 

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