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29th March 2020

We can't quite believe how quickly the last four weeks have gone - and what a crazy four weeks it's been.  All of our world has been turned upside down in an unprecedented way and every single one of us has been impacted.  Despite the sadness and seriousness of COVID-19, we've also seen the incredible spirit of people shine through.  All of the keyworkers - across all industries and professions - who keep going and astound us with their commitment and bravery every single day.  The random acts of kindness.  People looking after the vulnerable and elderly in their communities. The #clapforourcarers last Thursday evening.  COVID-19 may be unprecedented, but so is the response.

As we head into our last day of crowdfunding - we just wanted to thank each and every one of you.  Despite everything, you have all looked beyond the negativity, and supported us with your pledges and your wonderful uplifting messages.  You have supported a small start-up that is trying, in its small way, to make the world a better place - and in doing so, you have already helped make the world a better place.

We've achieved a lot in the last four weeks.  We've met an incredible bunch of women participating in the #BringIt2020 #BackHerBusiness crowdfunding campaign - each with their own dreams and ambitions.  We've won Theo Paphitis' "Small Business Sunday" award and he RT'd our business details to over 500,000 followers!  This award lets us join a small club with business advice and networking - and we'll be meeting Theo early next year!  We've also had high profile verified accounts RT our tweets to over 650,000 followers! Our sales continue to grow, despite the lockdown, and we've continue to introduce new products and new offerings.  

Staying positive is key and planning for the future of our business is key.  We will get through this, and we'll come out of the other side stronger, kinder and with even more of a will to make our business succeed.  With just over 1 day left of our crowdfunding campaign, and to help us try to win one of the #BringIt2020 competition prizes, can we ask for your continued support in a final push for us?  Please share our Facebook posts - please ask your friends and family to support us - every single £ really does matter.  Help us take Glow Foods to the next level.  Thank you again, you lovely, lovely people.  We are so grateful for what you've done, and for your continued support of our business.

Love, Nat & Millie. xx   https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/glow-foods-1

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