So what exactly are overnight oats?! A quick history lesson.

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Our delicious breakfast jar recipes are based on 'overnight oats' but what do you actually know about this 'trendy new' breakfast?  Well, we hate to burst the bubble, but like lots of great things, the concept of overnight oats isn't new....and as much as we'd LOVE to shout out to you all about overnight oats being a trendy new initiative that we thought of and can lay claim to, the reality is that overnight oats have been around for over a century (not the same ones we hasten to add!) and they're enjoyed the world over! Read on to find out more about the history of this amazing oat breakfast...and there's a special little treat waiting for you at the end of the post....

The first 'overnight oats' recipe is generally accredited to being developed in Switzerland in 1902 by a Swiss physician and nutritionist called Maximilian Oskar Bircher-Brenner.  They were developed for his patients as 'Apfeldiätspeise' - a dietary meal with apples at its core (no pun intended).  His recipe became known as 'Bircher Müsli' - the original 'overnight oats' - which was made up with a mixture of oats, yoghurt and nuts that steeped overnight. The word 'müsli' originates from the Swiss German word 'mues' (which means mush!) and referred to the consistency of the oats once soaked overnight in milk or yoghurt, and then served with fruits and nuts.

Max was one of the first nutritionists that understood the value of using wholefoods, and we're proud to keep his legacy going strong with our overnights oats breakfast jars.  We've chosen our recipes using tried and tested taste combinations (apple/cinnamon - classic) as well as developing some new taste combos which work beautifully (maple tahini oats.... mmmm). Like the original Bircher Müsli', we've stayed true to using wholefoods, but we are completely dairy-free using only plant-based milks and our oats are gluten-free. All of our packaging is recyclable and/or biodegradable.  We make our overnights oats for people that care about what they eat, and their impact on our planet - healthy convenience foods.

So today, we're taking our hat off to Herr Bircher-Brenner - his vision laid the foundations for a delicious breakfast that's enjoyed the world over.  We're fine-tuning this a little with our delicious range of breakfast jars - but we're pretty sure that Max would approve. So to celebrate Max and his general amazingness, we're offering a limited special offer code to you - 10% off your breakfast jars up to and including 29th February.  Use voucher code MAX10 at checkout.  Well - it is the month of love, and we want to share our love of overnight oats breakfast jars with you! 

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