Salad Jar Box (Subscription)

We all love a good salad - especially when they're made using fresh healthy produce!   Not only are they pleasing on the eye with their bright, fresh colours, but they taste delicious and contribute to our recommended five a day of fruit and vegetables.

Our amazing salad jars are convenient and tasty.  Open a jar for a healthy lunch or dinner, or take the jar into work with you for a healthy lunch in the office (easy to transport, sealed and fresh).  Our salad jars will stay fresh in the fridge for up to 6 days, so that's your working week sorted.  So what's our stance on the great 'do you eat the salad straight out of the jar' debate?  Well, yes you could, but in our opinion, it's better to pop it all onto a plate if you have the chance to, pour over your freshly made oil-free dressing (choose one per salad) and that way you taste all the flavours combined rather than eating it in layers - but the choice is yours.

All of our salads are freshly made to order, as are our dressings (which are sent in separate teeny glass jars) so you decide whether you want to dress your salad or go naked.  The salad that is.

We deliver our amazing Glow Salad Jar Box to you each week, packed with yummy salad jars for your working week ahead. Choose one of each of our five salads for a different taste each working day, or mix and match.  Choose from our salads: Pomegranate & Pinenuts; Quinoa & Courgetti; Vietnamese Jackfruit; Grains Greens & Beans; and Rainbow, and once you've chosen your salads, choose your FREE (oil-free!) dressings from Creamy Italian dressing; Mirin & lime dressing; Walnut Balsamic dressing; Sriracha, Lemongrass & Ginger dressing; and Balsamic Thyme dressing.  (Click on your preferred flavor for nutritional info).  We're developing more flavours and recipes each month, so keep an eye on your dropdown menu when you order!

The Glow Salad Jar Boxes contain five jars and each box is freshly made to order and delivered to you each week for just £24.95 per box plus delivery.  We'll deliver per your initial choice each week, but if you want to change it up from week to week, just drop us an email by 4pm on Wednesday telling us what you want to change, and we'll incorporate that into your next week's Salad Jar Box!  Salad jars are also available to order separately if you want to top up your order.  

If you also fancy the convenience of a healthy breakfast - take a look at our Combo Jar Box - five breakfast jars, five salad jars and 12 energy balls - delivered each week for just £44.99 + delivery (UK delivery only).  That's breakfast, lunch AND snacks sorted!

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